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Adwin is a leading automotive battery manufacturer in India. We offer reliable car batteries that offer a great cranking power to your car. Batteries power your car with a quick start and also power AC, windows, headlights and other electrical parts. So a good car battery is necessary to keep the car working to its optimum efficiency.

Adwin car batteries are meant for long life and have very low maintenance requirements making your every trip happy and hassle free. Get the necessary power to start your engine with ease and drive towards your journey with seamless power.

Rough road conditions pose a lot of problems for the batteries as they have to face jerks and jolts. But worry not, Adwin car batteries are vibration resistant with their sturdy build so as to withstand them easily. Be it a short trip to the market or a long trip to the hill stations, our batteries supply uninterrupted power to keep you going. Moreover our batteries have very good thermal resistance and perform well under different weather conditions.

Being a reliable car battery supplier in India, Adwin maintains high quality of products and power your car for every journey. Check out a varied range of car batteries that are designed for smooth operation.