Car Battery Life :How to Extend Its Lifespan

While many people use their cars for everyday use, some of us, by the nature of our jobs, get to use our own vehicles less often. Having a car is nonetheless equally important for both these categories of car owners. Yet more crucial is having a car with robust health so that we can use it efficiently when we need it. 

It is said that the battery lasts 3 to 5 years. But some car batteries drain out before reaching the actual lifespan. Let us understand why! 

What is the actual lifespan of a car battery?

The actual lifespan of a car battery varies depending on the model and state of the vehicle, but generally speaking, most automobiles require a new battery every four to five years. A battery’s lifespan may be shortened in areas with lower temperatures.

Reaching the actual lifespan of a battery depends on how well the battery is maintained and how good the quality of the battery is to live up to the promise of longevity. 

Several reasons are responsible for a car battery dying before its time:

1. Lack of maintenance and troubles that are not fixed as soon as they show signs of disruption are a few of them. Also, it’s possible for brand new batteries to fail without giving any warning if you don’t take care of them or end up purchasing a battery from a not so reputed manufacturer. 

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2. If the car is kept unused for a long time, it is very much possible that the battery will stop working. For less frequently used cars, the battery timeline depends on the existing condition of the vehicle. If your automobile is in good condition, you won’t have to start it or recharge the battery for at least two weeks but should not wait longer. 

3. The headlights, audio system, and alarm systems are all powered by the automobile battery. Your car’s battery will drain more quickly the more electrical components it has. 

You also need to focus on the signs your car might manifest. You must identify issues with your car as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

You Should Look Out for These Signs:

1. Check the electrolyte level, which should ideally be between the LOWER and UPPER marks.

2. Prior to starting, check if the lights are not on when the ignition key is turned.

3. Check if the battery refuses to run the accessories like music system, air conditioning and window operations. 

4. Difficulty to start the engine is another sign.

5. Intermittent shutdowns while driving are another sign of a dying battery. 

Once you realise the need to replace your car battery, find out what is the best option in terms of availability of a trusted car battery manufacturer at your location. Only install reliable and robust batteries from reputed manufacturers like Adwin. Not only for car batteries, Adwin is also renowned as one of the best Solar Battery Manufacturers in India

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